in search of ... William Campbell

This site has been developed as an alternative vehicle for sharing genealogical information related to my family history. Initially this content was published on Wikispaces. This information has been assembled over the past twenty-five years of research from a variety of sources. The main body of genealogical research traces four main family surnames, WICKSON, CAMPBELL, PATTERSON and COOPER, to their roots in the United Kingdom and to some degree, traces their various migrations to their current descendants' residency in Ontario, Canada. This site's narrative specifically chronicles the life of William Campbell, my maternal GG Grandfather who came to Canada from the Aberdeenshire area of Scotland in 1842 or 1843. William Campbell first married Sarah Ann Havens in Norfolk County and moved his family immediately to Northumberland County. Following the death of Sarah Ann Havens in 1854, he married Isabella Jane Sidey at Cold Springs in Northumberland County where they were both living at the time. Later in the 1860's he moved his family north to farm in Percy Township and in a final move relocated to Chandos Township in Peterborough County where he lived out the remainder of his life.

On to William Campbell's first family ... with Sarah Ann Havens!

Wayne Wickson