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William Campbell

(A Case for Descendancy)

William Campbell (1819-1897) is my maternal Great-Great-Grandfather.  He arrived in Ontario, Canada from the Aberdeenshire area of Scotland in the first half of the 1840's and lived in various locations until he died in 1897, still resident in Ontario, Canada.  I have documented his travels through life in Canada from his first point of emergence in Woodhouse Parish, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada in 1845 until he died in Chandos Township, Peterborough County, Ontario, Canada in 1897.  I know where he came from geographically but I have not found definitive proof of his parentage - yet.  As with many things in genealogy when no clear cut conclusion presents itself in "black and white", one must weigh the probabilities and rely on a preponderance of secondary evidence to tilt a conclusion one way or another.  The conclusion that I will subsequently present regarding the parentage of William Campbell (1819-1897) is not proven, in my opinion.  It is simply the "best guess" I can make weighing the probabilities suggested by the documentary evidence I have in my possession in 2010.  There are other competing theories on the Internet which fit with some of the facts in this case. 

The Thesis

My "thesis" is that William Campbell (1819-1897), my ancestor, who lived most of his adult life in Ontario, Canada, is the son of Sylvester Campbell (1784-1844) and Helen Mason (1789-1877) who lived out their lives in the Aberdeenshire area of Scotland.  In the absence of documentation that directly states this fact, I will present what indirect evidence I have in support of this claim

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Finding Ancestors in Your Attic

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