"Printing Digital Photographs" is a web site highlighting some Internet resources for the digital photography enthusiast who wishes to print their own digital photographs at home on their own equipment or by using a commercial photo printing service.

The main benefit of printing your digital pictures at home is its simplicity. Many of even the cheapest digital photo printers allow you to connect your camera or plug in your memory card and print directly. With photo editing tools built into the menus of new cameras, a computer is usually not even necessary!

The newest photo printers are able to rival the quality of even the best prints you can get in a store, so this really adds to the reasons of why you should purchase a printer. Depending on the paper you use and the ink you buy, prints can last a very long time, too. Imagine no more having to drive or wait in lines. Photo printers allow you to print without having to wait to pick up your pictures later on. Actually printing of prints is fast, too.

Johnny Smallhat

For about $200 you can get the Hewlett-Packard Photosmart 8250 that in just 14 seconds spits out a photo that equals the quality of those coming back from the photo finisher in an hour. For the same price, Canon's iP6600D prints a borderless 4-by-6-inch photo in 46 seconds, but also prints on both sides of dual-side photo paper.

The catch is that after you make an initial investment, you are going to pay at least 28 cents a print, if you believe the manufacturers' math. It could be closer to 50 cents a print if you trust the testing of product reviewers at Consumer Reports.

In the meantime, the price of printing a 4-by-6-inch snapshot at a retailer's photo lab, like those inside a Sam's Club, is as low as 13 cents. Snapfish.com, an online mail-order service, offers prints for a dime each if you prepay. At those prices, why bother printing at home?

Damon Darlin