Choosing the "Right" Digital Camera
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Before considering the features and things to watch out for when buying a digital camera you need to ask yourself what you need your camera for? Based on your projected use of the camera you'll establish what camera suits you best.

Camera size is a factor for some people. If you're on the move a lot you'll soon find out that a bulky camera just won't cut it so you probably need to buy a smaller camera that you can put into your pocket such that the camera is light and won't become a burden.

If you're going to be taking photos and mostly sending them over the Internet via email or putting them on your web site then you don't need the best camera resolution available and a wide variety of very affordable cameras with lower resolution are available. If you, on the other hand, plan to be printing out photos, particularly larger sized prints, on your printer you need a camera with a good resolution.

Digital camera storage is also a important factor to take into consideration when buying a camera. Basically memory cards are the digital camera equivalent of regular camera films. Obviously the larger the storage the more photos you can take and store at one time. There is a wide variety of choices in types and sizes of memory.

Digital camera zoom is also an important factor. Taking a lot of photos from a distance requires a higher degree of optical zoom.

Indoor photos or photos in poor light make the camera's flash into an important consideration.