Cemetery Research and Family History

Cemeteries of Interest

Apsley Union Cemetery
The Apsley Union Cemetery in Apsley, Ontario is the final resting place of my uncle, George Washington Carr, whose flat stone marker is found just inside the cemetery entrance to the right of the footpath leading into the cemetery itself. Newspaper notices confirm that his parents, William Samuel Carr and Mary Ellen Simpson, are also buried in this cemetery, although I have not been able to verify that any headstone exists to mark their place. Mabel Morella Carr, an older sister to George Washington Carr who died at only six years of age, may also be buried in this cemetery, although I have not yet found any record clarifying her final resting place.
Belleville Cemetery
The Belleville Cemetery is the largest local cemetery in the Quinte area. My parents, William Rowan Wickson and Lois Marion Campbell, are buried here, as are my maternal grandparents, Russell David Campbell and Grace Elma Carr. My paternal grandparents, William Frederick Wickson and Anna Eliza Rowan are also buried here, as are my paternal great-grandparents, Henry Wickson and Lucy Elizabeth Cook. Numerous other uncles, aunts, cousins and acquaintances are also buried in the Belleville Cemetery which has been in operation since about 1872.
Bethesda North Cemetery
Although none of my direct ancestors are buried in the Bethesda North Cemetery, it does represent the final resting place of many family members associated with my original maternal immigrant ancestor, William Campbell.
Canniff Mills Cemetery
To the best of my knowledge none of my direct family members are buried in the Canniff Mills Cemetery although it does represent an intriguing study in the preservation of historically significant local cemeteries.
Clydesdale United Cemetery
The Clydesdale United Cemetery is the final resting place of many relatives in my maternal line. These include William Campbell and his second wife, Isabella Jane Sidey, several of their children and numerous relatives. One of William's sons, David Sidey Campbell and his wife, Martha McPherson, my maternal great-grandparents, are buried nearby. Also buried here is Sylvester Campbell, William Campbell's second son, and Sylvester's wife Jessie Abigail Sykes.
Cold Springs Pioneer Cemetery
The Cold Springs Pioneer Cemetery is the resting place of Sarah Ann Havens, the first wife of William Campbell whom he married in Norfolk County in 1845. Also commemorated on the same stone as Sarah is John Campbell, the third son of William Campbell and Sarah Ann Havens. William and Sarah's first son, William Hayden Campbell moved out of the area, residing for a while in the Ottawa region before emigrating to the United States where he set up a medical practice in the territory of Montana and ultimately moved to California where he passed away in Santa Monica near Los Angeles in 1919.
Saint Thomas Anglican Church Cemetery
None of my direct ancestors are buried in the Saint Thomas Anglican Church Cemetery which was closed to burials in 1874. However, Saint Thomas has been my "home church" for the past forty years and I served briefly on a committee connected with the excavation and restoration of the "burying ground" on the church property in the 1980s. As such, the historical value of the Saint Thomas Anglican Church Cemetery has been a topic of interest to me for a number of years.